Sporting Perspectives
The Middle

In reference to sports journalism Richard Ford once wrote, “If there’s anything that sports writing teaches you, it is that there are no transcendent themes in life.  In all cases things are here and they’re over, and that has to be enough.”  He speaks the truth.  In life there are no do overs.  Even worse, you don’t get the benefit of having three outs to work with and you don’t have the opportunity to use four downs to make another.  You don’t get to go into overtime and no; you don’t get any fucking points for draws.  Sports are a great parallel to life.  All things come to a conclusive outcome.  There is a beginning, middle, and an end.  That’s it.  There is only one kickoff and only one final whistle.  That being said, the middle is wherein lies the story.  The middle is where struggles are overcome and greatness is achieved.  The middle is what defines a human being and the legacy they will leave behind them.  The middle is life and life is the middle.  What you do in the middle is what impacts the end and that is not only the genesis of life, but also the complexity of sports.


There are a number of brilliant writers that are involved with sports journalism.  Some are blunt and decisive in making their points, some are poetic in fleshing out a story, while others take a statistical approach to explain and understand the unpredictable.  To me, sports journalism is all about describing the middle.  Any jackass can explain the box score or write a preview, but the intriguing and deepest aspect of any sporting event is the middle.  The majority of sports fans are very impulsive and reactionary in nature.  The box score can read one thing, but the ups and downs, the ebbs and flows are often left untouched.  My goal as a writer is to tell stories that are meaningful and have the substance to leave an impact on those who read my work. 


All that being said, can I tell a story about a player I have no communication with or access to?  Can I honestly put into context and imply the emotions of athletes and their motives?  Is there any realistic opportunity at this very moment to bring awareness to a story that needs extensive information and research that I cannot obtain?  No, it is not realistic.  That being said, for now I can share my experiences and my stories in relation to the sporting world.  I can provide an outsiders perspective on the middle and how I felt about it.  Hopefully, using this site as an outlet, I can one day tell a story that touches and impacts others, but for now: these are my stories and this is my middle